Liz & DJ {Married!!}

Complete. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of DJ and Liz.  Complete:  Achieved.  Encompassed.  Unbroken.  Undiminished.  Undivided.  The whole enchilada.  Hook, line and sinker…  They look at each other and you just know.  It’s a complete love. —   I had the pleasure of sharing a beautiful day with Dj and Liz, as they spent their wedding day enjoying the company of friends and family.  The ceremony was held at an quaint little chapel in Coopersville, after which we braved the summer heat as we dodged moving trains, climbed large rock formations and headed downtown to Grand Rapids to find the very spot where DJ proposed.  Although the forecast was for rain ALL DAY, it miraculously held off (I’d like to believe it was just for us) and proved to be a COMPLETEly beautiful day.

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