This Friday’s Fabulous Finds

Time again to fill you in on what I’ve been checking out this week. As most of you know, those of us in the West Michigan area have just survived Snowpocalypse 2011.  Ah, we West Mich natives can handle anything mother nature throws at us.  So I had a little extra time this week to surf the net for new finds while buried under a couple feet of snow…

First off, Epiphanie Bags. For those women who absolutely refuse to carry manly camera bags, these are a GREAT alternative. Stylish and perfect for carrying on vacation as they don’t scream “I have a very expensive camera, please come rob me!”. My only complaint is that their website can be very slow to load, but trust me, its worth the wait.

Second up, for those brides looking for something a little… different. Rock n Roll bride. A very cool blog feature weddings that are unique and fun.  Very vintage, very rock and roll.  This blog is full of interesting and inspiring ideas for an event that is like no other.

And lastly, I know the debate still rages on between iPhone and Droid users, but here’s an exciting idea that works for both. Photographer’s Contract Maker and Easy Release. Both apps are very similar in that you can create and / or use one of their contracts, such as a model release on your phone (perfect for street photographers who carry around paper model releases just in case).  You type in the model or client’s information and… here’s the kicker… they sign the contract or model release ON your iPhone, Droid, or iPad.  Right then and there, done and done.  Using your touch screen (and you can purchase a handy stylus through Easy Release too) the client signs, you save the document and can even immediately email a copy of it to them or upload it to your cloud (which is another handy service I’ll discuss at a later date… 🙂  )  This is DEFINITELY something I am using on my Droid – no more carrying around paper model releases.  Just one more way to live green and do your part… and it’s totally fabulous.

So now that we’ve dug ourselves out of the Great Blizzaster, I guess it’s back to the Ole grindstone.  Lots of photoshoots this week, here’s hoping for no more snow!!  As always, if there’s a product that you absolutely LOVE, email me and I’d be thrilled to include it.  Otherwise, I’ll see you all on the flip side…

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