Fabulous Friends

I have fabulous friends.  Really.  And for those who have shot with me before, when I say fabulous, you KNOW I mean to say FAAAABULOOOOUUUSS!!!  😉

I was finally able to get out and shoot with a lovely friend of mine tonight and we decided to make a trek down to Holland.  Well, shooting turned into shopping, which turned into dinner, which became a great discussion about different styles of photography.  Candid vs posed.  If I had to narrow my style down to a single word, it would be “Life”.  I enjoy documenting life, and all its beautifully candid and raw moments.  Even though I do enjoy posing and putting together a great set for a photoshoot, I truly love to simply watch life unfold through my camera lens.  And capture it.  So thank you Mary, for reminding me what it is I love about photography.

A few of the shots from our excursion…

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