Selecting a Wedding Photographer

I have been responding to a few wedding inquiries this week and received an email from a bride who had several very good questions for me.  So because I thought they were helpful in selecting a wedding photographer, I decided to share with you some of my responses below…

  • Q:  Do you brings spares in case of emergencies? (memory cards, batteries)
A: I always carry my main camera body, a backup camera body, and several backup lenses, batteries, second flash unit, extra lighting and bring at least 10 memory cards.  I have not had a problem with equipment failure in the past, as I always properly maintain my equipment to prevent that from happening, however I always prepare for the unexpected.
  • Q:  Is there a limit to the number of total pictures that you take within the “full coverage?”
A: There is no limit to the number of total pictures, however when I review and edit the photos, I select the best of the best to present to my clients, which typically is around 400 – 500 images.  For instance, I may take several photos of the same pose involving the bridal party, however more often than not, I eliminate those photos in which someone is blinking or choose a couple photos out of the batch in which the particular body language is more attractive.

  • Q:  Do we have to pay you for travel from the ceremony to photography sites to reception venue?
A: There is no extra charge for travel unless it is more than 75 miles outside of the Grand Rapids area.  If it is outside of that 75 mile range, and travel charge estimate will be given to you beforehand and is usually minimal.

  • Q:  What type of style of pictures are you most comfortable with? (i.e. candid, portrait, modern, classic, etc.)
A: My particular style leans more towards candid, photojournalistic photography.  I believe your wedding photographer should document everything about your day, from the flowers, to the laughs, to the emotion-filled looks that your new husband gives you.  I, of course, do posed portraits of the bridal party, family, etc, however I focus on capturing those special in-between moments and details of the day.
  • Q:  Could we customize a package with you to meet our needs?
A: I love to customize packages!  I absolutely do not require you to choose a package with a product you do not need or want, such as a coffee table book or a $400 leather bound album.
I hope these questions / answers are able to shed a little more light on the wedding photography process and if there are other questions you might have, please don’t hesitate to email me!     –  [email protected]

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